How to Remove Your Digital Footprint With iPhone 12

How to Remove Your Digital Footprint With iPhone 12: 7 Easy Ways To Protect Your Privacy

Apple has proved to be a respecter of privacy and you can clean your footsteps and roam the net an enigma on your iPhone. To know about this, you should read this article on How to Remove Your Digital Footprint With iPhone 12.

While buying an iPhone gives you a slight edge in privacy, that alone is just the beginning. It includes the latest privacy features Apple has to offer (including in iOS 14). So, you can start to remove your digital footprint and enjoy greater peace of mind.

How to Remove Your Digital Footprint With iPhone 12:

#1. Prevent Apps from Accessing your Photos:

iPhone apps don’t only expose your real-time visibility but end up leaving personal information like photos on the internet. It happens when you give them authorized permission to access pictures and other data on your iPhone.

Prevent Apps from Accessing your Photos

While it’s easy to restrict apps from accessing photos on iPhone by following these steps:-

  • Go to Settings and then Scroll down and tap Privacy.
  • Then, select Photos to see all apps with permission to access your photos.
  • After this, click an app and select None to prevent it from accessing your pictures.
  • From this, you can prevent apps from accessing your photos.

#2. Manage Passwords with iCloud Keychain:

Your usernames and passwords add to your digital footprint. As some apps even leak your info to the public.

Manage Passwords with iCloud Keychain

If you’re reusing the same password and username across multiple applications for fear of losing or forgetting them. But such information aid anyone in guess-hacking or impersonating you.

By using iCloud Keychain, a built-in password manager for iOS, you can set different passwords and usernames for your apps. Plus, it works on recent iOS versions, starting with iOS 13 and upward.

To activate iCloud Keychain on your iPhone, follow these steps:-

  • Go to iPhone Settings and add your name at the top of the settings app.
  • Select iCloud and go to Keychain.
  • Then, Toggle on the iCloud Keychain button provides the required detail to activate it.

#3. Regulate Apple’s ad Tracking:

Your internet use history is also a part of your digital footprint when you allow apps to track your activities online. They can monitor your movements, including sites you visit on Safari or other browsers.

Even, it tracks your signing in and out on a website or an app, time spent using such apps or websites, and worse, what you do while using them. These apps send this information to other apps for targeted adverts and it will personalize your recommendations for advertised products and services.

Regulate Apple’s ad Tracking

While you can choose to prevent apps from sending your information to third-party apps for targeted advertising by limiting ad tracking on your iPhone 12.

#4. Always allow Apps to Sign In with Apple:

When you sign in to your iPhone apps using other authentication options. It will access your data, including emails and usernames, and make it visible to the public.

You can use Sign in with Apple to log in to apps on your iPhone 12 without seeding personal information to the internet. Uses your Apple ID to sign you up for the first time on an app and then uses this to log you in the next time you launch the app.

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#5. Use Apple’s Hide my Email:

While sending an email, commenting on a post, or signing up for a newsletter, you can hide your email address on your iPhone 12. It will encrypt your email address so that a recipient can’t see it and when they reply to you, their email lands in your inbox.

Use Apple’s Hide my Email

Thus, sign in to an app without revealing your original email address by following these steps:-

  • Launch Settings and add your name from the top.
  • Select iCloud and then select Hide my email.
  • Tap Create new address and select Continue to use the recommended address. You can also choose to Use a different address for more options.
  • Type in a label for your email address, Hit Next, and then Tap Done.
#6. Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi:

Using public Wi-Fi on your iPhone can result in data leakage. As you share a similar IP address with other people who try to steal from you digitally.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

Thus, no matter how stranded you might be, avoid using public networks to sign in to apps.

#7. Delete your Social Media Profile:

While there’s no deleting your digital footprint if you still have social media accounts registered and owned by you. Plus, one way or the other, your email address is associated with it.

Delete your Social Media Profile

By deleting a social media account means erasing your previous data from its database. Even, it helps when you don’t want people to search and find you online.

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Although the guidelines in this article are good starting points, removing yourself from the internet can be difficult. Especially when you’ve already spread your tentacles across the various technologies available on the internet.

Thus, taking your time to retrace your tracks and remove your information where necessary helps.

We hope that this article is really helpful for you to learn about How to Remove Your Digital Footprint With iPhone 12.

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