Best Wacom Tablet for Graphic Design

Massive 6 Best Wacom Tablet for Graphic Design: Handpicked Models 

The Best Wacom Tablet for Graphic Design will also allow you to take it anywhere by which the users can practice the drawing or work on a project while commuting. These drawing tablets have greatly improved and it includes all sorts of drawing tablets on the market now.  

The brand Wacom was the only real choice for artists wanting a drawing tablet or creative display and the Cintiq range has always dominated in that area. There are numerous options to consider in all price ranges, from the seldom heard of Artisul D13 across the spectrum to the Apple IPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 

The Best Tablet is an essential tool for any graphic designer or digital artist as it provides enough power to run heavy graphics programs with screens. 

There is a huge number of choices of PCs are available in the market and with powerful specs, there is often plenty of jargon being thrown around, which can make picking the best computer for graphic design that suits your needs and budget. Here are the picks of our Best Tablet Computer for Graphic Design: 

  • iMac (27-inch, 2020)  
  • Microsoft Surface Studio 2. 
  • Lenovo Yoga A940. 
  • HP Pavilion 590. 
  • Dell XPS Tower. 
  • Apple Mac mini (2018). 
  • Acer Aspire S24-880. 
  • Apple iMac Pro. 

We have created this guide to the Best Wacom Tablet for Graphic Design for creatives with the essential features of a drawing tablet. 


1. Wacom MobileStudio Pro: 

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro


  • Display Size:   15.6 inch & 13.3 inch 
  • Screen Resolution:      Up to Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) 
  • Pro Pen 2:       8192 levels pen pressure 
  • Color gamut:     Up to 85% Adobe RGB (CIE1931) 
  • Compatibility:     Windows 10 – Stand-alone 



  • A powerful tablet that can run graphically intensive programs. 
  • Highly responsive. 
  • Not a cheap option. 


The Wacom MobileStudio Pro is an impressive drawing tablet with HD Screen and Graphic Monitor. This incredible tablet is designed for creative creators and who are looking for freedom to take it anywhere. It packs an entire studio of powerful creative tools. This tablet can draw incredibly detailed illustrations with no problem at all. It is suitable for serious digital artists or graphic designers. 

You’ll be able to produce the high-quality images required of your profession anywhere. It’s compatible with the Adobe Suite and Corel Suite, among other programs. There are no cutting corners with this product.  This tablet comes with high-resolution displays (3840 x 21 60) and superior color quality (94 percent Adobe RGB). 


2. Wacom Intuos

Wacom Intuos


  • Active Surface Area: 152.0 x 95.0 m 
  • Dimensions: 200 x 160 x 8.8 mm 
  • Stylus: Battery-free, 4096 levels of pressure 
  • Compatible With:Windows 7 or later, OS X 10.11 or later 
  • Color:Charcoal black, pistachio green or berry pink 



  • Pressure-sensitive pen 
  • Shortcut Express Keys 
  • More natural grip 
  • Affordable 
  • 15-hour battery life 

Wacom’s creative pen tablets help bring a physical, hands-on experience to creating digital art and the Intuos series is designed as an affordable entry to pressure-sensitive control in illustration, design, and photo editing. 

This tablet brings 4,096 levels of pressure-sensitive pen control to users. The Intuos comes in two sizes, small or medium, with 7-inch and 10-inch diagonal work surfaces and the small version is available with or without Bluetooth, while the medium model (testd) includes Bluetooth as standard.  


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The Wacom Intuos is an easy entry into pen and tablet-based photo editing and graphic designing under tht budget. It is serving only as a map of the screen and not an actual screen, the Intuos’ pressure sensitivity simplifies and speeds up many types of brush-based work. The customizable buttons on both the tablet and the pen create a more efficient workflow. 


3. Wacom Cintiq Pro 16: 

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16


  • Screen size: 15.6 inch 
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) 
  • Color gamut: 72% NTSC (CIE1931) typical 
  • Pen technology: Wacom Pro Pen 2 with Wacom EMR 
  • Pen pressure levels: 8,192 
  • Compatibility:     Windows 10 – Stand-alone 



  • Affordable price 
  • Pro Pen 2 
  • Silent 


The Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 is a must-have product for any digital artist wanting to move up from an Intuos or other non-drawing screen graphic tablet. It is one of Wacom’s least expensive pen display tablets, which is aimed at students, enthusiasts graduating from the Intuos line, and jobbing creatives. The Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 offers a cheaper way for artists to master Wacom’s industry-standard drawing tools. 

The Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 offers a 1,920 x 1,080 display, a Pro Pen 2, and a 72 percent color gamut are all fairly standard features. It boasts 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, the ability to use the newer Pro Pen 3D, and very minimal parallax. It was the cheapest in the pen display range. 


4. Wacom Intuos Pro: 

Wacom Intuos Pro


  • Tablet size: Small: 269 x 170 x 8.45 mm / 10.6 x 6.7 x 0.3 in
                                        Medium: 338 x 219 x 8 mm / 13.2 x 8.5 x 0.3 in
                                        Large: 430 x 287 x 8 mm / 16.8 x 11.2 x 0.3 in 
  • Advanced control:   8192 levels pen pressure, tilt recognition 
  • Productivity boosters: ExpressKeys, Home Button, Touch Ring, time-saving settings 
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac 
  • Connection:  USB, Bluetooth 



  • Good value for money 
  • Large active area 


If you’re a professional artist or graphics designer, the Wacom Intuos Pro is the best choice. The Intuos Pro has the superior build quality and the most precision and accuracy, and it’s available in medium and large sizes. It has multitouch, tilt recognition, Bluetooth, eight tablet keys, and a nifty touch wheel.  

The other options provide a wealth of useful customization tweaks, including on-screen controls; orientation settings that are ergonomically designed for left and right-handed artists, touch settings for multi-touch gestures to navigate around your project, and ExpressKeys and touch ring functions, providing handy shortcuts that during testing became preferable to keyboard hotkeys for speed. 

Its tilt recognition and 8,192 levels of pressure and levels are a noticeable gain compared to cheaper tablets on the market. It is 13.2 x 8.5 x 0.3 inches and lightweight, it’s ideal for freelancers on the go, and the battery life is reasonable, allowing for a full day’s work. 


5. Wacom CTL4100 Intuous: 

Wacom CTL4100 Intuous


  • Tablet sizeSmall: 200 x 160 x 8.8 mm / 7.87 x 6.3 x 0.35 in, Medium: 264 x 200 x 8.8 mm / 10.4 x 7.8 x 0.35 in 
  • Active area  Small: 152.0 x 95.0 mm (6.0 x 3.7 in), Medium: 216.0 x 135.0 mm (8.5 x 5.3 in) 
  • Pen: Battery-free Pen 4K 
  • Color: Black, Pistachio Green 
  • Connection: USB only or USB/Bluetooth models available 
  • CompatibilityWindowsAndriod & Mac 



  • Battery-free pen 
  • Decent pressure levels 
  • Pen-on-paper accuracy 
  • Dual platform compatibility 
  • Three additional software for free 
  • Affordable 
  • Portable 
  • Four shortcut keys 

The Wacom CTL4100 Intuousdrawing tablet’s slim profile and portability make it a great choice for artists and designers. The pen’s wide range of pressure sensitivities also makes it great for beginners. 

This the favorite piece of the device for graphic designers because it jots out every possibility of errors or differences that will occur between pen and paper creation and this drawing tablet one. The digital illustrations can be brought to life with this device that has fantastic features and specs to its name and this affordable drawing tablet does not fail to impress when it comes to its efficiency. 

However, The Wacom Intuos SM (CTL4100) is an entry-level drawing tablet that delivers more than what the price says. It is the perfect device for those who are looking out for graphic designing and drawing without incurring heavy costs but wishes for nice and decent features. 


6. Wacom Cintiq 22:
Wacom Cintiq 22


  • Display Size: 54.5 cm, 21.5 inch 
  • ResolutionFull HD 1920 X 1080 
  • Advanced Control: 2048 levels pen pressure, tilt 
  • Productivity Boosters: Express Keys, Touch Strip, time-saving settings 
  • Compatibility: compatibility, windows, apple 



  • Keen price point 
  • Very good drawing experience 
  • Built-in adjustable stand 


The Wacom Cintiq 22 has the lowest price Wacom has ever offered for a drawing display of this size, with a well-judged feature set that enhances the working experience. 

It has a better overall feel, with superior build quality in both the display and the pen. It offers a full HD screen (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) which gives you a physically larger drawing area for more comfortable, expressive arm movement while drawing, but the screen image is less sharp than on the Cintiq 16. Its screen surface is well-considered as it has the anti-glare glass surface is laminated to give it a slight texture, which gives a pleasing sense of bite as you move the stylus across it.  



What is the Best Wacom Tablet for Graphic Design? 

The Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet is the Best Wacom Tablet for Graphic Designas it allows to customize the tablet even further by being able to choose one of three different editions: Regular, paper, and the pro bundle. It includes many features including multi-touch gestures, customizable hotkeys, Radical Menus, and a pen that comes with easy side switches. 


How to choose the right tablet for graphic designing? 

 Before purchasing a drawing tablet for graphic design needs or any other useful uses, you must consider the tablets: 

Active Area 

The active area refers to the area where your stylus reacts and draws on the tablet. Most of the graphics tablets will come with a plastic edge or bezel which will come between the screen and the casing.

The active area on most tablets is clearly indicated, but it’s a good idea to double-check the size of the screen and check the specifications for the tablet and the words ‘active area’ because it is important that the tablet has enough room to handle the work you are doing. 

Additional Features 

The additional features can be useful such as HotKeys or even a multi-touch capability. These additional features are designed to help make operating the tablet easier and overall, a more enjoyable experience. 

Hot Keys 

The Hotkeys are designed to help you save time and streamline the work process so you can focus more on getting things done instead of searching for the apps you use the most. Many tablets will allow customizing as well as program the keys for your favorite shortcuts, while others will pull the shortcuts to use the most into the hotkeys automatically. 


The best stylus comes in two forms: battery-operated and electromagnetic resonance (EMR) as they are designed specifically to mimic the feel of drawing with a regular pen or pencil. EMR styluses use low energy levels that are generated by the pen’s circuits which react with the active area on the tablet and they tend to be thinner than battery-operated styluses and have a thicker point. 

On-screen Monitor or Flat Models 

Drawing on a tablet while looking at your monitor or laptop screen can be discombobulating at first, while those who prefer drawing on an on-screen tablet are comfortable drawing right on the screen. 

Pressure Sensitivity 

The pressure sensitivity is a hardware issue for the tablet as the pressure levels on tables start at about 300 levels of pressure and go up to around 3000. For illustrations and design work, the optimal pressure level on a tablet is in the 1024 range. 


With 4K resolution, the image on the screen is as bright and sharp as it can be, a higher LPI can provide the same effect on a tablet. 


Many tablets have a scroller built into the tablet already which will help to move around the project quickly without unforeseen errors occurring. 

Wireless or Wired 

The wired tablet keeps you at your desk and doesn’t give you the freedom of movement that a wireless tablet may, it will give you a direct connection to your workspace or monitor while the Wireless tablets have become a default choice for a lot of graphic designers as it gives freedom to move around without accidentally pulling on the cord and possibly damaging the tablet is beneficial.  


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Final Thought: 

Final Thought

Choosing the Best Wacom Tablet for Graphic Design for your project should provide you with a way to not only get your work done but give you an overall enjoyable experience.

Each tablet may have some of the same features, not every table is the same as the small differences can be a big deal. We recommend you to make sure about what’s important to you before you start to go shopping. 

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