Best Virtual Reality Headset For iPhone 12 Pro Max

Latest 6+ Best Virtual Reality Headset For iPhone 12 Pro Max With Amazing Performance

If you want to sample virtual reality (VR) without spending loads of cash, then a VR headset built for smartphones is the best option. They’re affordable and equipped with a slot to cradle your phone. Plus, they support many VR apps and games. In this post, we have created the Best Virtual Reality Headset For iPhone 12 Pro Max that is the family-friendly Merge VR

You must pay attention to devise compatibility, before buying it as some of the models only support specific iPhone sizes. We have includes headsets that rely on Google Cardboard-based apps, ditching proprietary VR-specific app shops.

6 of the Best Virtual Reality Headset For iPhone 12 Pro Max:-

#1. Merge VR – Best VR Headset for iPhone 12 Pro Max:

 Merge VR

Merge VR is easy to use and offers clever features that support many different VR experiences, especially for families and kids.

Its materials consist of a flexible-but-durable foam substance that is both lightweight and resistant to bumps and drops. Plus, its friendly design approach influences Merge’s compatibility, with a generous phone slot that holds most iOS and Android smartphones.

However, you can adjust the lens-eye distance by sliding two spring-based buttons mounted on top. You can hold the headset like binoculars and enjoy dual-controller experiences.

Merge provides a dedicated website and all compatible apps made available on Apple’s App Store. It includes categories such as classroom-friendly education apps, short games, YouTube 360 videos, and other options.

#2. VR Wear VR Headset – Family playing VR Wear VR Headset:

VR Wear VR Headset

VR Wear’s family-friendly headset fits screen sizes up to 6.5 inches, that why it’s compatible with even the largest iPhones. Each of its lenses can be adjusted in four different ways, including focus and interpupillary distance to get just the right fit for the 105-degree field of vision.

It includes plenty of adjustment options like a great way to find settings that reduce dizziness and motion sickness. The two faceplate stickers, allow you to customize the face of the headset to suit your personality.

#3. Bnext VR Headset – Best Virtual Reality Headset For iPhone 12 Pro Max:

Bnext VR Headset

Bnext’s headset offers a comfortable foam face brace because of which it is the easiest headset for kids or adults to wear and adjust as needed.

It supports screen resolutions from HD to 4k, including 3D that lets you quickly adjust focal distance and object distance to help find the right setting.

Moreover, it is one of the better iPhone headsets for all types of VR experiences, including 360-degree turns and 180-degree turns for exploration and gaming.

#4. Destek V5 VR Headset – Comfortable Headset with a Controller:-

Destek V5 VR Headset

Destek’s VR headset for mobile includes a Joy-Con-like one-handed Bluetooth controller. It ups the field of view by 103 degrees to a wider 110 degrees and also increases the supported phone size along with a wider pupillary distance.

The lenses of this headset have anti-blue light and anti-reflective coatings. They’re also aspheric which means they have a non-spherical surface to minimize distortion. It includes an adjustable head strap to hold it in place, a plastic chassis and a cradle for your phone.

While it weighs a mere 11.3 ounces and supports 5.5 to 6.5-inch phones and relies on experiences available on the App Store.

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#5. VR Empire VR Headset – Best VR Headset for iPhone 12 Pro Max with HeadStraps:-

VR Empire VR Headset

VR Empire VR Headset comes with a sturdy headset including built-in headphones and a blue light filter. You can see up to 120 degrees, a very respectable field of view.

These headphones enhance your sound experience without the need for additional accessories. It also uses a filter to limit blue light from your iPhone, which means your eyes can be much better protected for longer play.

If you have the largest standard iPhone model as it can fit up to 6.5-inch screens and 6.3-inch lengths.

#6. Atlasonix VR Glasses – Best VR Headset for iPhone 11:

Atlasonix VR Glasses

Atlasonix VR Glasses versatile headset will fit any phone up to a 6.2-inch screen. It allows your users to adjust both focal distance and OD for the field of view, with thorough instructions.

Its frame and foam inset are both very durable while offering thorough eye protection. It is a strong choice for weathering the bumps and drops that active VR users can sometimes encounter.

However, it works well with the latest iPhone models, and depending on the type can accommodate many users with glasses. This headset has a simple device and works best for newcomers. It does not include any extra features like controllers or earphones.

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The iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple’s latest smartphone that is released in October/November 2020. If you are looking for VR headsets for iPhone 12 Pro Max, then you should check our top recommended for the Best Virtual Reality Headset For iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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