Best Home Theater Projector Under 500

Shocking 10+ Best Home Theater Projector Under 500 $ In 2021

If you want to turn your home into a theatre with the help of projectors. Then, here is the list of the  Best Home Theater Projector Under 500 $. The projector has become part of everyday lives, it’s inevitable to get just the right one that meets our needs.  We use them in home, business, and classroom or for events whether outdoors or indoors.  

There are many supreme quality projectors like Epson, Optoma, and ViewSonic are available at a price range of $500.  A good quality projector will give a proper view from a specific point. So, that you can sit with your family and enjoy watching movies.

This article is all about the best home theater projector with detail that meets your need and even more. We try to include the features, performance, compatibility, and many other essential features.

Also, explore the Gaming Projectors Under $500 and the Best Short Throw Projector Under $500 so that everyone meets their need.

List of the Best Home Theater Projector Under 500 Dollar:

  1. ViewSonic PJD5555W HDMI Projector:

ViewSonic PJD5555W HDMI Projector

ViewSonic PJD5555W is the latest high-quality projector at a good price. It provides the best visuals with a highly improved audio system.

It is the perfect choice for watching movies and videos at home with your family. It provides you a resolution of 1280×800 for extended zoom and connectivity sources.

On the backside of this amazing projector, there are two inputs. The HDMI input and the composite input, also with mini USB ports to plug it into the laptop USB port.

It provides a lamp power of 1000 lumens which makes it the perfect choice for the Best Home Theater Projector Under 500.


  • Minimum fan noise.
  • High performance.
  • Provides HDMI input.
  • Provides a good resolution of 1280×800.
  • The lumen return is from 5000-8000.


  • Doesn’t come inside a compact case.
  1. Epson VS250 SVGA 3LCD Projector:

Epson VS250 SVGA 3LCD Projector

The Epson VS250 3LCD projector is the most reliable projector that is available in the market. To watch a movie in a bright room, this projector is the perfect chow for you.

It provides a high lumen rating with a good Eco mode which reduced the cost and frequency by lengthening the lamb life. This is the Best Home Theater Projector Under 500 $.

This projector weighs about 5.3 pounds. It provides an HDMI input as well as two USB ports. The contrast is extremely breathing so you can watch all of your favorite TV shows on the projector.

Furthermore, it comes with a Bluetooth connection. It includes quality-based speakers for better sound quality exceptionally good. The lamb life of this projector is 10,000 hours.

Also, you can put on a password so that no other person can use it without your permission.


  • Provides an 800×600 resolution.
  • Security password system.
  • The lamp life is exceptionally good.
  • Best digital zoom.


  • The speaker size is average.
  1. Epson Home Cinema 730HD Projector:

Epson Home Cinema 730HD Projector

Epson Home cinema 730 HD, HDMI, 3LCD, 3000 lumens gives you enjoying full entertainment at home. The best choice for those who like to stream movies and TV shows.

It comes with the best connectivity sources to play your favorite movie. The price is highly affordable which makes an ideal choice for the customer.

It is a highly portable projector that weighs 5.3 pounds. It comes with HDMI inputs which require single cable connectivity.

The video quality is highly exceptional as it offers a zoom of 1.2x. The brightness rating of 3000 lumens ideal for both the colors and the white images.

You can sit in a room with dim lights and can enjoy the image quality that remains perfectly fine. This is the best projector that saves the lamp life even after continuous use.


  • Provides the HDMI connectivity options.
  • Provides lumen rating of 3000.
  • Resolution is 1280×800.


  • It is unable to scale the results of the 720p resolution.
  1. BenQ DLP Video Projector:

BenQ DLP Video Projector

The BenQ DLP video projector is a high-quality device that provides great features. Forgiving presentations in the office or college this projector is the best choice.

It has the best quality electronic system for the clearest and high-quality visuals on the screen. It is the best choice for business use because of its high resolution and brightness.

It has a slim and sleek design and weighs 5.3 pounds. It comes with 3300 lumens and the degree of brightness it provides a lot higher as compared to other projectors. This is what makes it the ideal choice for use in colleges, schools as well as in offices.

This projector can be connected to multiple devices with the du HDMI and VGA inputs. The image alignment is quite easy by its vertical keystone feature.


  • The best projector on a budget.
  • Highly portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Has ECO-friendly modes.
  • High-quality Contrast and brightness features.


  • The projector doesn’t have a high-quality built-in speaker.

The Gaming Projectors Under $500:

When it comes to finding gaming projectors under $500, there are many top-rated models are available in the market. They include full HD resolution, 3D, built-in speakers along with HDMI and USB inputs, and more.

Check some of them here.

  1. WOWOTO T8E Full HD Mini Portable Projector:

WOWOTO T8E Full HD Mini Portable Projector

The WOWOTO T&E Full HD projector is the Android System great for gaming for the best performance.

This projector comes with a brightness of 2000 lumens for clear images even in rooms lit with ambient light. Its high brightness makes it 50% sharper and brighter than most of its competitive projectors.

You can work with the Android 4.4 system, share content to the projector from other devices, play games, and more.

It has the portable capability with other features of the WOWOTO include keystone correction, electric focus adjustment feature, reachable battery, and hotspot capability connection.

The lamp life is great with more than 20000 hours.


  • Works well in all environments.
  • The images are bright and sharp.
  • Ha keystone correction.
  • Has more than 20,000 hours of lamp life.
  • Portable.


  • Is not compatible with all device.
  • Some features could improve.
  1. VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector:

VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector

The VANKYO V600 projector has variant works on 1080p quality, and that makes it a budget gaming projectors under $500.

It has 4500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 5000:1, which helps the projector in delivering brilliant visuals for gaming.

This projector comes with an inbuilt speaker, which renders lifelike sound. The speakers ensure unbeatable audio quality in indoor as well as outdoor situations.

For connectivity, it has a USB cable, HDMI ports, audio out, SD card slot, and VGA cable.

The throw ratio of this projector is magnificent by which you will get a 300″ bigger picture o the screen.


  • Long-lasting lamp.
  • Flexible connectivity.
  • Portable.
  • Compatible with Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.


  • There is no inbuilt battery

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  1. Nebula Capsule Smart Portable Wi-Fi Mini Projector:

Nebula Capsule Smart Portable Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Nebula Capsule is a smart projector that is perfect for every home. It is easy to store. This projector coupled with remarkable clarity. The lens of the projector is big enough for an excellent throw ratio.

It has an inbuilt speaker that makes things more fruitful that pumps up sound in every direction. With the help of the dedicated mobile app available for both iOS and Android users, it is easy to use, and pairs with the projector quickly.

On a single charge, the Nebula Capsule projector will work for up to 4 hours.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • 200 ANSI Lumens
  • Comes with HDMI, Wi-Fi, Chromecast, USB, and Bluetooth
  • Auto-focus


  • The quality isn’t that great.
  • The audio is not superior.

The Best Short Throw Projector Under $500:

When the distance between the projector and the projector surface is very short, it is a short-throw projector.

This type of projector is widely used in classrooms and offices today. The best short throw projector under $500 is best for people who frequently travel on business.

  1. ASUS S1 Portable Mini Projector:

ASUS S1 Portable Mini Projector

ASUS S1 Portable Mini Projector is a portable, and professional projector. It is one of the best short throw projector under $500  as it is the most user-friendly model under this price range.

It comes with a highly powerful rechargeable battery embedded with sophisticated DLP technology. It offers a brightness power of 200 lumens to project bright visuals even in dim-light conditions

This projector comes with an HDMI/MHL port to connect with any device of your choice. It has an in-built Sonic Master Enhanced Speaker from Asus for more imagery and presentations that you project


  • Rechargeable battery.
  • High-accuracy projection and a good quality speaker.
  • Can deliver a 3-hour presentation.


  • Resolution is not very accurate as per the claims
  1. Optoma S343 SVGA DLP Professional Projector:

Optoma S343 SVGA DLP Professional Projector

Optoma is one of the reputed companies in manufacturing projectors. This S343 is a short-throw projector that doubles up as a speaker. It has durability, consistent performance, affordable pricing, ease of use with absolute class, and elegance.

The Optoma S343 is one of the best short throw projector under $500 as it comes with amazing picture quality.

It offers a bright and vibrant color feature with a contrast ratio of 22000:1 for the brightness of images. The amazing feature of it that it comes with an energy-saving lamp that has an estimated life of around 15000 hours.

With an inbuilt 10W speaker, it gives the much-needed sound & effects to your presentation. It has an automatic Vertical Keystone correction feature and a 1.1x zoom feature, by which you can place the projector anywhere for accurate imagery.

Many connectivity options such as HDMI, VGA, and composite connect to any smartphone or wireless device.


  • A bevy of connectivity options.
  • Easy to install in any kind of space.
  • Bright and detailed imagery with attention to detail.
  • Speaker’s output is clear and crisp without any distortions.


  • ALamp doesn’t come with an extended life of 15000 hours as promised

10.LG Electronics PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector with Screen Share:

LG Electronics PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector with Screen Share

The LG Electronics PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector is a great choice for people who are looking for high-quality products at an affordable price.

It gives excellent and accurate imagery even from a very short distance from the surface of the projection. This has an embedded battery that works uninterruptedly for 2.5 hours.

It is compatible with Bluetooth connections with high-quality audio speakers. Its LED lamp comes with 450 lumens of power and is designed to express natural lights and colors without any distortions.


  • Crystal-clear picture quality.
  • Long life of the embedded battery.
  • Throw projection for visible clearly in the projected imagery.
  • Very easy to install and comes in a compact design.


  • Sometimes people noticed that the image warps at times when the projection distance is very short
  • It would have been great if the projector came with an auto-focus feature

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Everyone has his or her own needs and wants on projectors, choose you’re Best Home Theater Projector Under 500 $ with amazing features from this list.

You may select it from the features such as right brightness, contrast, image quality, audio quality, and many others. Look out for projectors that work well with other devices for your convenience and make your work well and easy.

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