Best GPS Watch for Hunting and Fishing

10+ Best GPS Watch for Hunting and Fishing 2021 (Updated)

The Best GPS Watch for Hunting and Fishing is becoming more popular among active outdoorsmen including fisherman, hikers, and backcountry skiers. It is the right gadget that makes hunting and fishing easier and more fun to do.

Apart from the time, these watches have built-in features for a hunt and Fishing such as GPS, Altimeter, Compass, Barometer, Watch, Weather Detector, sunrise/sunset data, etc. All of these features are not only convenient but could also help keep you safe.

Nowadays, there are a lot of options are available in the market. Thus, hunting for your next watch can take a lot of time and effort. From this article, we hope that it will become easier for you to hunt down the best watches to wear.

We’ve reviewed these watches that are ruggedly built and designed for outdoor conditions. We also took into consideration features such as solar batteries water resistance, and vibration settings.

Our Top Picks: 10 Best GPS Watch for Hunting and Fishing:

  1. Suunto Traverse Alpha:

Suunto Traverse Alpha

Suunto Traverse Alpha is indeed the Best GPS Watch for Hunting and Fishing. It has all the features of automatic shot detection that allows to automatically create a point of interest from a rifle or shotgun.

It has a built-in GPS with GLONASS support in it. This helps you to create a manual point of interest along your path for later visits or for marking animal territory and fishing locations.

Also, it has an integrated sunset and sunrise alarm that keeps you aware of the day. It includes the moon-faced calendar that tells which is the right time to go hunting and fishing so you don’t come back empty hands.

It also alerts you for weather changes and storms in advance using its integrated Barometer. It also has an Altimeter that measures the elevation and a Digital Compass which helps know the direction.

This watch is super tough and can easily handle even the extremist conditions. This watch is ready to take it on mountains, fields, jungles, deserts, or lakes.

All in one, this smartwatch is a must-have for those who are serious about your hunting or fishing game. It has automatic shot detection which also makes it the best smartwatch for shooting.


  • Automatic shot detection
  • Point of Interests
  • ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) sensors
  • Great durability
  • Shows the right time for hunting and fishing


  • Does not have health tracking features
  • No solar charging
  1. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro:

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Garmin’s Fenix watches are specially designed for adventure and rugged outdoor use. Moreover, Fenix 6 Pro is the latest and most premium offering watch for outdoor adventures.

This watch has an always-on display which is also 18% larger. The screen is bright enough to be readable under direct sun, which helps in viewing the details on the watch while hunting or fishing in the broad daylight.

It also has great navigational features such as TOPO maps, multiple navigation systems including GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS along with a Digital Compass. These features lead you always on the right path and never get off track.

Also, it includes other cool features like heart rate monitoring, oxygen sensor, and VO2 max which keeps the track of your health and fitness. The battery is quite decent and will easily last a couple of days.

Overall, this watch from Garmin is a good option for hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor adventure which makes this watch one of the Best GPS Watch for Hunting and Fishing.


  • Good display
  • Military Grade Durability
  • Multiple navigation systems
  • Fitness tracking
  • Good battery backup


  • Expensive watch
  • No solar charging
  1. Suunto Core:

Suunto Core

The Suunto Core watch is a budget smartwatch that can assist you in your hunting and fishing activities. This watch is the best budget alternative for tactical smartwatches.

Suunto has removed the GPS chip from this watch for cost-cutting. But, Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass sensors on it help you in your hunting and fishing.

You will get alerts about the sunrise and sunset alarm along with incoming storms to stay safe and sound. This watch is super durable and also waterproof up to 100 meters.

This watch looks elegant, and can be used for daily use purposes; you can take it to the office and clubs. Overall, Suunto Core is not an expensive tactical smartwatch that can also assist you on a hunt.


  • Affordable watch
  • Military-grade durability
  • ABC sensors
  • Storm alert
  • Sunrise/Sunset Alarm


  • No GPS
  • No fitness tracking


G-Shock Rangeman features a GPS navigation system. It is also the first GPS watch to support solar charging. It can navigate you through the right path using its built-in GPS.

It creates a breadcrumb trail along your tracking path so you can safely get back home. It also has a triple sensor i.e Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass, which helps you to know about your surroundings.

It also shows you the moon and tide data which helps during fishing in the ocean. It’s a 20 ATM watch so it can easily handle heavy water pressures. It’s a solar-powered device that will charge by itself and also supports wireless charging.

Overall, you can get a super rugged smartwatch that can last for years.


  • Solar + GPS watch
  • Triple sensors
  • Super Durable
  • Bluetooth for Phone Connectivity
  • Moon Tide Sensor


  • Expensive
  • No Phone Notifications
  1. Garmin Instinct:

Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct is a rugged military-grade smartwatch from Garmin. It is meant for outdoor adventures. It has robust navigation features and is one of the most accurate location trackers. It has multiple navigation systems including GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS that can track in the remotest part of the earth.

Also, it has a compass, barometer, and altimeter which help you know your direction, elevation, and atmospheric pressure. This watch is a real deal is which can track your fitness while in the wilderness and show you how your heart performs.

It also gets connected to the phone and shows you notifications on its screen. Overall, this Garmin smartwatch can track your fitness, keep you connected to the world, and also assist in your hunts.


  • Has multiple navigation systems
  • Military-grade durability
  • Fitness tracking
  • Phone notifications
  • ABC sensor


  • No Solar charging
  • No moon phase calendar
  1. SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit:

SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit

SUUNTO Ambit3 is a GPS watch that helps you provide stable and accurate altitude. This watch will allow you to track the way perfectly, and find the right direction as well. It has a built-in altimeter, compass, and GPS, water-resistant, allow you to survive in the forest.

This watch includes the GPS navigation watch that provides you with the most competitive battery life. It gives about 200 hours with one minute of accuracy. It can withstand rain and water for a long and also get connected to your smartphone.

You can also see calls and notifications on the GPS watch. It includes other cool feature that allows you to share your adventure such as a Suunto Movie including your photos in the movement.


  • Comprehensive
  • Great battery life for the features


  • No device heart rate sensor
  • Bulky

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  1. Casio Men’s”Pro Trek” Outdoor GPS Resin Sports Watch:

Casio Men’s”Pro Trek” Outdoor GPS Resin Sports Watch

Casio Men’s”Pro Trek” comes with a wearing OS by Google and is specially designed to the military standard with 810 G durability. It is a water-resistant watch, which can survive less than 50 meters in the water.

It also has a digital compass to assist you in navigating better with an altimeter, barometer, and so forth. This watch includes the activity tracker that tracks the previous route in case you forget to find out again. It also has a microphone that helps you to talk to others in times of danger or normal time.

It has a case diameter is 55 mm, which is helpful to see the map and navigator better. This device can survive in low-temperature, not more than less than 10 degrees centigrade. With such features, it can be considered the Best GPS Watch for Hunting and Fishing


  • Dual-layer display saves battery life.
  • Lots of sensors for outdoor use.
  • Durable build.


  • Expensive.
  • Slow performance.
  • No heart rate monitor.
  • Big for small wrists.
  • Fussy charging cable.
 8LB LIEBIG Compass Watch Army:

LB LIEBIG Compass Watch Army

The LB Liebig compass watch has a unique digital compass that you can use for swift navigation when you are out in the adventure zone. It has a barometer to measure the air pressure and a thermometer to measure temperature.

This watch is designed with a sturdy and strong high-quality ABS case that makes it pretty durable. It comes with a water-resistant profile that allows you to drip it in 50mm water. Also, it has an altimeter that measures the height you have climbed.

This watch has a comfortable PU strap on the stainless steel buckle makes it a pretty touch construction. It can measure from 6.7 inches to 9 inches, which easily suits you.


  • Durable design & comfortable fit
  • Lots of useful features for outdoor enthusiasts
  • It doesn’t need to connect to a phone to keep track of your activity
  • Accurate timekeeping
  • Great value for the money


  • No BT connectivity
  • It can be a bit difficult to read
  1. Luminox Men’s 3051.BO Navy Seal Colormark 3050 Series:

Luminox Men’s 3051.BO Navy Seal Colormark 3050 Series

The Luminox Men’s 3051 is a perfect match for those who want a companion for the toughest of their adventures. It is made from a black polyester case and comes with a black rubber bracelet for rigidity and sturdiness.

The bezel of the watch is also pretty rugged. It features a unidirectional ratcheting black polymer that makes it a suitable gear. This gear is also equipped with scratch-resistant mineral crystal for maximum support.

The watch is pretty much water-resistant to bear with you in heavy rain. You can also take this watch into deep water up to 200 m without any issue. Overall, it is one of the pretty comfortable to wear in any situation, such as hiking, fishing, or just having an evening walk around the hilly areas.


  • Great looks, quality materials, lightweight.
  • Tritium illumination.
  • Good value for the money.


  • Finding replacement straps is quite difficult
  1. Casio Men’s PAG240T Pathfinder Triple-Sensor Stainless Steel Watch:

Casio Men’s PAG240T Pathfinder Triple-Sensor Stainless Steel Watch


The Casio Men’s PAG340T watch can work even if the battery is down. This watch takes the power itself from UV and solar power. It also has a triple sensor inside that triggers the barometer, altimeter, compass, and thermometer of this watch.

It also has a low-temperature resistance option and can easily withstand that pressure. Even in a dark and low-light environment, you can see the watch because of the backlight and glowing reading.

The strap of the watch is unique. It comes with a titanium bracelet that has a double-locking fold-over case. The belt of this watch can tightly stick to your hand so that you can move without thinking of it falling off.


  • Big but lightweight
  • Just like an atomic watch
  • Good-looking
  • Solar-powered
  • Sleeps and wakes up with you


  • Too big for some people
  • Solar-powered

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Sum Up

Most people prefer hunting and fishing over other activities while some do it as a hobby also. All of these models of the Best GPS Watch for Hunting and Fishing come with an impressive set of features.

All these watches have impressive GPS modules, digital compass, and maps to provide accurate navigation data.

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