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Trending 5+ Best eReader For Bright Sunlight: Top Kindles & Kobo Devices With Amazing Features

This article is all about the Best eReader For Bright Sunlight that is perfect for your outdoor activities. These e-readers allow you to view any book in your collection with ease by simplifying novels.

With them, you can store all of your books in one compact device and can read in any type of lighting environment. Plus, e-readers are also a great option for kids to explore.

There are many favorable quality e-readers available with an immense amount of storage space available and long-lasting battery life.

Let’s have a look at them in detail.

5+ Best eReader For Bright Sunlight:

#1. Amazon Kindle – Best Kindle For Bright Sunlight:

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle has become a force in the portable electronics space for its flashiness of an iPad or the versatility of a flagship smartphone. Its screen is very closely approximating who likes to read an actual book.

Amazon brand offers a new front light that allows you to read in the dark. You’ll get a decently crisp 167 PPI resolution, so not only can you read in the dark.

It offers 8GB of storage built which is, enough storage for thousands of books. It gets connected via Wi-Fi and even offers Bluetooth connectivity to listen to audiobooks as well as read.

Plus, its battery is big enough to provide around four weeks of reading time, depending on things like light usage. With only 0.34 inches thick, weighing only 6.1 ounces under an affordable price.

This is supremely portable tablet is perfect for tossing into your beach or travel bag.


  • Affordable and portable e-reader.
  • Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Supports audiobooks.
  • Great value for money.
  • 4GB built-in storage.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Lower resolution than the Paperwhite.

#2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – Best Tablet for Reading in Sunlight:

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite improved on the original Kindle’s readability and versatility with an improved screen and backlighting. It has a six-inch, glare-free screen with five LED lights behind the screen so you can read it anywhere.

Also, it’s super portable at just 6.4 ounces and (finally) waterproof and has an IPX8 rating to read it on the beach or by the pool without worrying about water damage.

This device comes with a few configuration options such as 8GB or 32GB of storage. Also, you can choose between having just Wi-Fi connectivity or Wi-Fi and free cellular connectivity from AT&T.


  • The waterproof design is lightweight.
  • Glare-free screen.


  • The ad-free version is more expensive.
  • USB charger not included.

#3. Amazon Kindle Oasis – Best E Ink Tablet:

Amazon Kindle Oasis

The Amazon Kindle Oasis helps you disconnect from tech by providing access to millions of books in an amazingly book-like package.

This device comes with storage of either 8GB or 32GB that aims to recreate the feeling of reading a physical text with a comfortable, ergonomic design, page turn buttons, and new e-ink technology.

Its 7-inch, 300 PPI Paperwhite display’s shade is adjustable for all lighting conditions. Its Night mode automatically tints the screen amber for midnight reading. Its waterproof IPX8 rating means it can survive a spill in the tub or pool.

You can enjoy Audible books by streaming through Bluetooth-enabled devices.


  • Realistically imitates the look and feel of a physical book.
  • Sturdy, and ergonomic design.


  • Charging time could be quicker.

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#4. Kobo Aura eReader – Best Lightest Reader:

Kobo Aura eReader

Koba Aura eReader is a light-up eReader with great battery life. It is perfect for outdoor activities and reading in the sun with the high-resolution display.

It has the front light for reading in dark surroundings. This eReader is also one of the lightest eReader and it is very suitable for long walks. It can comfortably fit right into your jacket pocket.

This device comes with a design that cuts down dimensions from its predecessor that allows you to have a firm grip when holding it. It is a Wi-Fi-enabled eReader along with a 4GB storage space that can be expanded to 32GB.

Overall, this device has a very stylish design that attracts stares anywhere you take it to.


  • Large, sharp screen.
  • Fast page turns.
  • Soothing edge lighting for dark rooms.
  • Excellent font customization options.
  • Informative current progress display.
  • Plenty of storage plus a memory card slot.


  • Thicker and heavier than competing readers, thanks to the larger screen.
  • Hard plastic housing feels a little flimsy.
  • Inconsistent touch response on occasion.
#5. Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2 – Best eReader For Bright Sunlight:

Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2

Koba Aura H20 Edition 2 offers a large screen that is extremely durable. It comes with an adjustable blue-light filter and a glare-reducing technology.

Also, it is equipped with an adjustable backlight that has comes with a resolution of 1430×1080 and 265 pixels per inch.

You can store about 6,000 books which is more than enough for eBook lovers. Regardless of its size and distinct design, this device is exceptionally light. It has thick bezels that give you enough space to place your hands when reading a book.

Plus, it is highly waterproof and can be submerged in water for five minutes without damage.


  • Thinner and lighter than the previous model.
  • Improved waterproofing.
  • Adaptive lighting.
  • Detailed reading stats.


  • Still a bit large for smaller hands.
  • No memory card slot.
  • Relatively expensive.

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Nowadays, more people are using their smartphones or tablet to read books and firms.

Hence, here are a few options of the Best eReader For Bright Sunlight that will enhance your overall experience.

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