Android Gaming Tablet With Controller

Expandable 6+ Android Gaming Tablet With Controller For Comfortable Experience

The Android Gaming Tablet With Controller provides a comfortable fit to hold the tablet. Its ergonomic layouts and cushioned backings can make a big difference a few hours into an all-night session.

These tablet gaming controllers are pretty compact, as the controller can fold up and expand to hold your phone will fit better in your backpack — or even in your pocket.

If you haven’t played a game on your phone in decades, we recommend that it is a great time to grab a controller and jump back into mobile gaming.

Let’s have a look at them.

Top Picks 6+ Android Gaming Tablet With Controller:

#1. GameSir X2 – Best Gaming Controller for Tablet:

GameSir X2

This X2’s excellent layout feels more like a Nintendo Switch controller, with a directional pad and smaller buttons. It may feel strange to hold at first, but it’s quick to get the hang of if you’re not used to it.

Its analog thumb-sticks are quick to respond to even slight movements, and this fits perfectly in your palms.

This controller has the options for both wired and Bluetooth connections and can take screenshots with a single click. It has cushioning on the back that makes it comfortable to hold for hours of gaming. It’s 2.2 pounds, it compacts nicely, and then expands to hold even large phones.

#2. EMISH Six Finger Controller for Tablets – Best Android Controller:

EMISH Six Finger Controller for Tablets

The EMISH operates offline that gives you a couple of extra sets of triggers that tap the screen in an instant. It’s an overall pretty low-tech device, and also provides a proper way to hold your tablet.

It is a more natural reaction to controlling the game instead of relying on thumbs while the device’s weight is in your hands. Also, it doubles as a nice tablet stand too, ready for you to watch your favorite streaming shows and movies.

#3. Moga Hero Power – Gaming Controller for Tablet:

Moga Hero Power

The Moga Hero Power controller is one of the best controllers out there from PowerA. It has ergonomic design features injected rubber grips and feels super comfortable in your hands.

You can choose between a Bluetooth or wired USB connection, which is great for gaming at home or on the go. Plus, you can charge your controller with the included Micro USB cable.

This controller is powered by a 3,000mAh Power Bank which, as a bonus, charges your phone while you’re gaming or between sessions. Also, it features a detachable, adjustable phone clip that fits devices up to 3.12 inches wide.

#4. Rotor Riot USB-C Controller – Gaming Controller:

Rotor Riot USB-C Controller

Rotor Riot’s gamepad is a great choice for a wired controller with an optional phone bracket. It connects to devices with its USB-C connection that means there’s no internal battery.

It uses the USB-C port, you can’t charge your device while gaming. While it lacks a headphone jack, it means you can’t attach headphones either.

Other than that, this is a great controller. Its plastic build is solid and feels good in the hand. Also, it works instantly when plugged into our Red Magic Phone.

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#5. iPega PG-9083S Controller – iPega Tablet Controller:

iPega PG-9083S Controller

The iPega PG-9083S gamepad stretches around your Android smartphone or tablet, which gives a Nintendo Switch-like experience for your gaming time. It is compatible with a wide variety of devices and is one of the few controllers to work well with tablet gaming.

Plus, it connects through Bluetooth, and iPega claims the internal 380mAh battery can last for up to 20 hours of gameplay. You may need to download a specific app to remap key functionality.

#6. GameSir T4 Pro Wireless Controller – Bluetooth Controller for Android Tablet:

GameSir T4 Pro Wireless Controller

This controller from GameSir is a great choice with its semi-transparent cover, matte finish, and adjustable colored LED-backlit action buttons, and right joystick. It includes a lot of features from the configurable M1 to M4 buttons on the base, to the six-axis gyroscope that accurately captures movements and reflects these in your game.

The GameSir T4 Pro Wireless Controller boasts a 600mAh rechargeable Type-C battery that claimed provides up to 30 hours of gaming time. Plus, its battery life is impressive, and you can choose from Bluetooth or wired connectivity.

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Final Verdict:


Before you choose the Android Gaming Tablet With Controller, it is important to know about the compatibility issues. As the controllers are supported natively on devices running Android 4.0 or newer but if your device runs a newer version of Android, it’s not always smooth sailing.

Thus, we hope that this article will save you some time. You should check out our roundup of the best Android Controller games to play right now.

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